Lepaseree is a collaboration of three Estonian musicians who, despite having different musical backgrounds, are all interested in finding harmony between old traditional songs and modern sound. In the heart of Lepaseree you’ll find folksongs, accordion and guitars, but the musicians also use hiiu kannel, ocarina, sansula and lokupill. All these different instruments amount to music that is one of a kind.


Minimalistic is the word that comes to mind when describing their arrangements, because their aim is to let the power and meaning of the old songs shine through the music. Their first album “Väräjän” (“At the gate”) gives the listeners a chance to peek through the gate into a world long forgotten. Meelika has the ability to bridge the gap between the old songs and the audience with her sincere way of singing. It’s her voice, Kulno’s innovative accordion playing style and Paul’s masterful guitar playing that makes up Lepaseree and takes the band on a journey to rediscover Estonian heritage and reach for new musical frontiers.



Meelika Hainsoo – laul, viiul, hiiu kannel

Kulno Malva – akordion

Paul Daniel – kitarr






With a master’s degree in folk singing under her belt, Meelika plays fiddle, hiiu kannel and both sings and teaches singing. She is an accomplished fiddle player and plays hiiu kannel. Immersed in folk music since childhood, thanks to her musician grandfather, she has sung and played in bands like Vägilased, Strand...Rand, Wirbel, Kiritöö, Armastuse ja Rõõmu Laulud and although she loves both old runo-songs and newer songs, her heart belongs to song games.


Meelika describes her singing as follows: “I sing as if painting a picture: my voice is my paintbrush and the words are the symbols I play around with. When I sing an old song, I always look for the question, thought or emotion that touches me in my present life and helps me understand the world a little better. The joy, pain and beauty of that recognition is what I want to share with the listeners.”


Kulno Malva is an accomplished accordionist, composer and folk musician. In addition to his solo project, Kulno is playing in different groups like Lepaseree, Folksell, Hajameelsed Kunznikud and Duo Malva & Priks. He is also been at the birth of several well known Estonian bands, Svjata Vatra and Nikns Suns to name a few.


Kulno Malva has released two solo albums. At the moment he is working on a brand-new solo project where one can hear sansula, ocarina, lokupill, Estonian bagpipe and singing and of course the accordion that Kulno has such an original way of handling. Add sound effects and looper to the mix and you get an impressive performance.


Kulno has once said: „I'm looking for my own sound and face, so that I’m not walking in someone else’s shoes, but finding my own path, whether I work with heritage or my own creation.”



Paul Daniel is a guitar player, who studied jazz music in the Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt Weimar and therefore has an academic background. Besides playing guitar, Paul loves to write and arrange music.

He is involved in many projects and arranged music on Lauri Saatpalu’s album “Isaga draakonil” that came out in 2015.


Paul has played in Elletuse, Ajavares and Jaan Tätte & Udupasun and in 2014 he introduced his solo album “Kreeka tuli”.


In Paul’s own words: “When it comes to music, I’m a bit of a traditionalist, who cares more for harmony and melody than loopers and effects. That’s why Lepaseree is such a wonderful challenge for me. It makes me play a lot of different characters and I feel as though I am an actor and guitar player at the same time.”